About Me

I'm a brand & digital graphic designer based in Los Angeles, California. I have 2+ years of experience crafting impactful visuals and user experiences across branding, social media, web design and development, and marketing collateral materials. I also have skills in social media management. I’m passionate about creating meaningful and memorable experiences that enhance brand awareness and engagement with their community. I’m eager to use my design expertise to improve people's lives and the world.

🔍 Fun Facts
I have a habit of wandering around IKEA or Hobby Lobby, pretending I can buy all the stuff I don’t need. It’s definitely a designer thing — or is it? I like to bike every morning because it provides my day with a sparkling boost of energy. When I get hungry, I spend way too long choosing a vegan place to eat, and then I disappear into a food coma. And don't get me started on my obsession with ducks. I also nerd out on tech stuff, because I'm secretly a genius. Or not. You decide.

🌱 Core Values
Exploration: I seek new experiences & ways of thinking, making me open-minded and adaptable to change.

Tranquility: I can maintain peace in stressful situations, making me calm and composed under pressure.

Vitality: I possess strong energy & drive to pursue my passions & goals, making me motivated and dedicated.

Logic: I am skilled at analyzing situations & making well-reasoned decisions, making me effective.

"Embrace your uniqueness, unleash your wonder."


My Skillset

My Experience

A showcase of my skills, leadership, and problem-solving throughout my career.

Feb 2023 - Present

ConceptZombie LLC

Designed marketing materials across different digital experiences, web design, social media, branding, as well as print and collateral. Conceptualized strategies for target audiences and brand awareness.

Communicated with clients to understand their objectives and goals. Delegated tasks to team members. Coordinated projects from conception to completion ensuring deadlines were met. Delivered client presenations showcasing concepts and solutions.

Organized and scheduled social media content accordingly based on upcoming holidays, seasons, and trends. Promoted events, specials, and collaborations with other brands on various social media platforms. Analyzed social media user engagement.
Aug 2022 - Present

Creative Aid

Developed innovative concepts for social media brand content to boost user engagement and brand recognition. Collaborated closely with the design team to execute strategic visual campaigns to increase website traffic and sales. Utilized data analysis to enhance the performance and efficiency of advertising. Produced print material solutions for brands that appealed to their consumers and reflected their values.

Communicated with clients about their needs, expectations, and project preferences. Provided information to design team regarding requirements, specifications, and objectives. Organized project timelines and digital files, ensuring deadlines are met. Assigned tasks to team members and monitored progress and performance. Reviewed and revised client feedback. Delivered final products with client satisfaction.
graphic designer
Jul 2018 - Jan 2020

Best Buy

Explained information about the quality, value, and style of products to influence customer buying decisions. Kept up with latest promotions, payment and exchange policies, and security acts. Achieved and surpassed the sales goals on a weekly/monthly basis. Guided new and seasonal sales staff on initiating, promoting, and closing sales effectively. Demonstrated excellence in creating a relationship-selling experience.

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